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Psalm Drummers Psalm Drummers

Psalm Drummers is a world wide network of drummers and percussionists who use drumming to create unity and influence change. Core values are rooted in the Christian Faith, and biblical teaching, and activities include: organising teams to serve at events, hosting prayer and worship gatherings, performance, training, drum circles and work in the community. For thousands of years people have used drums to announce the coming of man. Psalm Drummers use the drum to announce God’s coming.

Meltdown Music Meltdown Music

The Meltdown conference is the only residential Christian hard music event in the UK, and this year was 18 years old. Meltdown is unique to all other UK Christian music events. No cold camping, no expensive take away food, no sloshing around in the mud and ONLY hard, heavy and alternative music.

Lignum Drums Lignum Drums

David at Jalapeno Drums has always prided himself on making the finest ply-wood drums available in the global market. However, another drummer / master-craftsman, Gert Breugelmans, has honed the fine art of Stave drum making over the channel in Belgium. For something a little different to the norm please check out his site.

Drummer Buzz Drummer Buzz

What’s happening in the world of drumming, events, World’s Fastest Drummer competition etc: check it all out here!

MaFt.co.uk MaFt.co.uk

To celebrate my coming of age (40th) MaFt redesigned and updated the Jalapeno Drums website. Affordable web sites custom made for your needs!