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In a world full of mass-produced drums, Jalapeno Drums stand out as a shining jewel, offering the customer complete customization combined with hand-made individuality. Now in it’s tenth year of trading, each and every drum is still lovingly hand-crafted, to order, by drummer / craftsman David Nuttall: an Englishman who is as passionate about building drums as you are about playing them!

Using only the finest quality Finnish Birch plywood, solid brass lugs, and tone-enhancing oils, combined with construction techniques which maintain the natural sound properties of the shell, the fullest-toned, most resonant and responsive drums are achieved. David’s philosophy is simple: “aim to please.”

Many 'custom' drums in today’s market are simply mass produced shells with your choice of finish added. With Jalapeno Drums, your drum is hand-made from scratch for you.  With choices of plies, colours, finishes, depths and diameters, you get to choose exactly what you want. Plus you get the opportunity to talk through your ideas, enabling a fully informed choice that will ensure that the sound you want is the sound you get. As they say; ‘the world is your lobster…’

Jalapeno gives you:

  • More response, more resonance, more tone, more volume.
  • Professional quality.
  • Hand-made individuality.
  • Complete customization to customer specifications.
  • Premium-grade Finnish Birch shells.
  • Vertical grain construction for increased response and sensitivity.
  • Exclusive design solid brass lugs.
  • Choices of snare drums, drum kits / drum sets, toms, bass drums, frame drums, orchestral drums, marching drums & shells.
  • Easy ordering: all major credit / debit cards are accepted, and international shipping is available.